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[movies]Democracy for America, Part 2 - Eric Predoehl
One month after announcing he was dropping out of the race, former presidential candidate Howard Dean made a series of official announcements about his new organization that would be known as "Democracy for America." On March 18, 2004, Governor Dean unveiled his new organization, proposing a strategy for progressive political change in the United States of America. After an initial announcement in Seattle, Howard Dean flew to San Francisco for his second official launch party...
Keywords: Candidates: Howard Dean
Downloads: 4,202
[movies]Shake Yo Groove Thang - g

Keywords: this is hotttt
Downloads: 123
[movies]Mike Burke for President - Elizabeth Press / Andrew Lynn
There is an amazing person - Mike Burke. There is a great band - Parts and Labor. They wrote a song called 'Mike Burke for President' and we created this animation to highlight just how great Mike Burke is. Guest appearances: Judith Miller, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Ahmed Chalabi
Keywords: Mike Burke; animation; President; DJ; politics
Downloads: 661
[movies]TKTV Episode 1

Downloads: 59
[movies]Mark Crispin Miller - April 3, 2006 - C-SPAN
Mark Crispin Miller gives a talk about his book "Fooled Again" at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, on April 3rd, 2006. AVI Video encoded with DivX. Bit Rate: 128kbps Dimensions: 640x480 Size: 1.45 GB
Keywords: Election Fraud, Voting Machines
Downloads: 529
[movies]Trailer - Mario González

Downloads: 528
[movies]Alex Jones Remixed
Audio remixed by Revere Radio Network. Video by Pirate News TV. Voice by Alex Jones at Infowars.com.
Keywords: infowars radio pirate news september 11 911 9/11 terrorism dictatorship mind control mkultra george bush dick cheney
Downloads: 5,193
[movies]Electronic Voting: a threat to our democracy - various
**CURRENT VERSION IS 1.2b** This is a collection of videos and documents relating to electronic voting and how the Republicans are using the electronic voting machines to steal elections. All the videos and documents are included in the ISO file, which is intended to be burned on to a CD for viewing. Once you download the ISO file, use your CD burning software to burn the ISO image file on to a CD...
Keywords: election, fraud, stolen, diebold, kerry, impeach
Downloads: 4,566 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[movies]Lied To - Hoby Van Hoose
This was made for the Bush in 30 Seconds contest from MoveOn.
Keywords: lies, commentary; Bush In 30 Seconds
Downloads: 579
[movies]The U.S. Role in the Middle East Peace Process with Dr. Hanan Ashrawi - Eugene Bird
Distinguished Palestinian legislator Dr. Hanan Ashrawi discusses her analysis of the wall, societal trends in Palestine, and the US role in the Middle East peace process. Dr. Ashrawi addresses key questions affecting Palestinians: How are Palestinians confronting the new wall construction and planned route? What is the current level of confidence in the US backed Road Map for Peace? What are the changing views of Americans on the critical issues affecting Palestine and Middle East peace? The pro...
Keywords: Palestine; Israel; Election 2004; Hanan Ashrawi; Edward Peck
Downloads: 415
[movies]The Republican Plank on the Middle East: How Bush Can Win - Eugene Bird
A recently commissioned poll by Zogby International shows that Republicans can win the November 2004 election if they change their policy on the Middle East. Many hesitant Republicans and independents could be persuaded to vote for the re-election of George W. Bush if he changes his policies toward the Middle East, which have led America into war in Iraq and into confrontation with Muslims worldwide because of his backing of Ariel Sharons right-wing government in Israel...
Keywords: Palestine; Israel; Republican Platform; Republican Party; Election 2004
Downloads: 1,004
[movies]Making the Link: A Free Iraq, A Free Palestine - Eugene Bird
Polls taken during the week of the Republican National Convention called for a higher priority given to resolving the Arab-Israeli dispute over Palestine if President Bush wins a second term. Most experts agree that resolving the problem would substantially help the U.S. and its allies in the war on terrorism and in creating a free Iraq. Hanan Ashrawi, noted Palestinian legislator, outlined new directions for the U.S...
Keywords: Palestine; Israel; Iraq; Election 2004; Neoconservatives; Hanan Ashrawi; Edward Peck
Downloads: 226
[movies]The Democratic Plank on the Middle East: Politics or Peace? - Eugene Bird
The 2004 Democratic Party Platform was voted on and approved at the Democratic Convention in Boston. Several state Democratic conventions produced more balanced Middle East planks that in the meantime were rejected, culminating in a 2004 platform designed to win the election rather than foster a peaceful solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict. In this hearing, the process of drafting the Democratic Platform was explored, with particular attention paid to ideas and amendments that were overrid...
Keywords: Palestine; Israel; Democratic Platform; Democratic Party; Election 2004
Downloads: 279
[movies]The Armageddon Vote in Election 2004 - Eugene Bird
The size and importance of the fundamentalist vote, particularly among those that call themselves Christian Zionist, may be key in the swing states in the upcoming election. These are the voters who strongly support Israel, whoever is in power, and who provide powerful financial and legislative aid for Israel in the United States. How powerful are they? What are the demographics? What are the differences amongst them? The program is in RealVideo and is divided by speaker: * John Hubers, Reformed...
Keywords: Palestine; Israel; Christian Fundamentalism; Christian Zionism; Election 2004
Downloads: 3,095
[movies]The Middle East in Election 2004: The Accountability Acts - Eugene Bird
The new Syrian and Saudi Accountability Acts represent unique Congressional forays into the executive branch's traditional authority over US foreign affairs. What is the potential long-term diplomatic and economic impact of accountability acts on the United States and its relations with the international community? What evidence and justifications underlie the acts? How are American national interests served? Which lobbies and interest groups seek these acts? As the U.S...
Keywords: Palestine; Israel; Foreign Policy; Syria; Election 2004
Downloads: 2,900
[movies]The Department of Peace - Rep. Dennis Kucinich D-Ohio - Chad Ely
The Department of Peace Rep. Dennis J. Kucinich D-Ohio
Keywords: Dennis Kucinich; Chad Ely; Department of Peace
Downloads: 546
[movies]David Cobb speaks about recount vote tampering by Triad systems.
David Cobb speaks at Democratic House Judiciary Hearing on Vote Fraud. Talks about fraud done by Triad Government Systems' enginneers to make recounts match initial vote.
Downloads: 175
[movies]Ohio Voting Problems, 2004 - Tom Jennings
These three clips present problems encountered by voters in east Cleveland, Ohio neighborhoods, Nov. 2, 2004. They include purging of the voter rolls, improper use of provisional ballots, and intimidation by Republican challengers. The clips were recorded by the Video the Vote team, a group of 20 documentary filmmakers who volunteered their time to go to Cleveland and witness the election process.
Keywords: Election; 2004; Ohio
Downloads: 6,263 4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars(4 reviews)
[movies]FAQs: Making Your Vote Count - Wendy HanamuraDavid MichaelisRoger Macdonald
Addresses frequently asked questions about voters' rights, the risks of electronic voting machines and the challenges facing voters at the polls. During this broadcast, phone lines will be open to provide you with information on how to report voter fraud.
Keywords: linkshorts; election; vote; FAQs
Downloads: 827
[movies]Investigate Votergate
The "Democracy Defense Committee" is a coalition of Bay Area organizations and concerned citizens. They are calling for an immediate investigation into nationwide reports of rampant voting irregularities in the 2004 election. They are also demanding that the December 13 electoral college vote be suspended until a thorough and impartial investigation has been completed.
Keywords: Election 2004, fraud, votes
Downloads: 741 2.50 out of 5 stars2.50 out of 5 stars2.50 out of 5 stars(3 reviews)
[movies]Anti Kerry - Swiftboat Vets Ad - Why
Anti Kerry - Swiftboat Vets Ad - Why
Downloads: 510
[movies]Anti Kerry - Swiftboat Vets Ad - Sellout
Anti Kerry - Swiftboat Vets Ad - Sellout
Downloads: 2,364
[movies]Anti Kerry - Swiftboat Vets Ad - Gunner
Anti Kerry - Swiftboat Vets Ad - Gunner
Downloads: 1,284
[movies]Anti Kerry - Swiftboat Vets Ad - Medals
Anti Kerry - Swiftboat Vets Ad - Medals
Downloads: 1,242
[movies]US terror commercial - elGeko
US airways commercial edit
Keywords: bush; US Airways; US terror
Downloads: 1,725
[movies]Anti Kerry - Swiftboat vets Ad - friends
Anti Kerry - Swiftboat vets Ad - friends
Downloads: 447
[movies]Anti Kerry - Swiftboat Vets Ad - any questions
Anti Kerry - Swiftboat Vets Ad - any questions
Downloads: 3,110
[movies]Anti Kerry - Swiftboat Vets Ad - They Served
Anti Kerry - Swiftboat Vets Ad - They Served
Downloads: 493
[movies]Anti Kerry - Swiftboat Vets Ad - Dazed
Anti Kerry - Swiftboat Vets Ad - Dazed
Downloads: 493
[movies]Anti Kerry - Swiftboat Vets Ad - Never Forget
Anti Kerry - Swiftboat Vets Ad - Never Forget
Downloads: 986
[movies]HEIL - free components for an anti-Bush project
A year or so ago, I started an anti-Bush video project, but an unexpected amount of paying TV work prevented its completion. So, I have a handful of completed animated shots, but I lack the will to proceed now that the election of 2004 is over and the best monkey "won" with the help of ES&S, Diebold, Sequoia, AP, and Rove. Take these shots and use them in your own work. They are released unconditionally into the public domain...
Keywords: bush; election; animation; 3d; politics; republican; democrat; rove; nazi; cartoon; monkey
Downloads: 576
[movies]CU TV Ad - Kerry Priceless
CU TV Ad - Kerry Priceless personal attack ad in style of popular TV commercial
Downloads: 760
[movies]CU Tv AD - Fred Thompson 2
CU Tv AD - Fred Thompson 2 Talks of his support of pres Bush
Downloads: 106
[movies]CU TV Ad - Fred Thompson
CU TV Ad - Fred Thompson Talks of his support of pres bush.
Downloads: 140
[movies]CU Tv Ad - My Fault
CU Tv Ad - My Fault Claims Clinton is at fault for terrorist attacks
Downloads: 422
[movies]CU TV Ad - Fire Fighters
CU TV Ad - Fire Fighters mention their support of Pres Bush
Downloads: 513
[movies]LCV TV AD - Yucca You Decide
LCV TV AD - Yucca You Decide LCV's Ad in Nevada targets President Bush on Yucca Mountain.
Downloads: 2,725
[movies]Humor - Hard Working George
Humor - Hard Working George copyright 2004 Sim Sadler permission to post on other sites with attribution to copyright holder
Downloads: 2,794
[movies]LCV Tv Ad - Oilmen
LCV Tv Ad - Oilmen The second ad in LCV's unprecedented TV blitz hits the air in Florida.
Downloads: 465
[movies]LCV Tv Ad - Jobs
LCV's Ad in Wisconsin focuses on President Bush's record of letting oil and energy companies call the shots.
Downloads: 58
[movies]TMF - Ohio Testimonials
TMF - Ohio Testimonials
Downloads: 551
[movies]John Kerry campaign - We can wait one more night
John Kerry campaign - Edwards speech to the voting public. We can wait one more night.
Downloads: 791
[movies]John Kerry Concession Speech
John Kerry 2004 Concession Speech
Downloads: 2,316 3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[movies]George W Bush - Victory acceptance speech
George W Bush - Victory acceptance speech
Downloads: 2,747
[movies]Bush Chief of staff declares victory
Bush Chief of staff declares victory in 2004 election
Downloads: 545
[movies]CFAW - SC worker ad
CFAW - SC worker ad Television Advertisement Running in South Carolina about plight of the average worker
Downloads: 128
[movies]LCV TV Ad - Big Oil
LCV TV Ad - Big Oil
Downloads: 646
[movies]Move on voter fund - worker ad
Move on voter fund - worker ad
Downloads: 429
[movies]Move on voter fund - state ad
Move on voter fund - state ad
Downloads: 297
[movies]Move on voter fund - rug ad
Move on voter fund - rug ad
Downloads: 43
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